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5 Steps You Need To Take When Your Refrigerator Goes Out

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5 Steps You Need To Take When Your Refrigerator Goes Out

One of the things you must consider during an urban survival situation is your refrigerator.  No, you don’t need to save it, but you want to get as much use out of the food in your fridge in the event of a major crisis. In fact, these tips don’t have to be reserved for some zombie attack. If you lose power after a major storm, you should follow these same rules.

  1. Eat the foods that are perishable first – Fresh fruits and veggies will be at the top of the list. These spoil the fastest, but they are also great for fueling your immediate survival. They are packed with healthy nutrients and vitamins your body will need to keep going.
  2. Cook up the meat from the freezer – You don’t have to cook it all at once the second the power goes out. Your freezer will stay cold for about 24-hours following a power outage if the door is kept closed.
  3. If you can, preserve those fruits, vegetables and meat. Drying, jerking or salting are all ways you can do that without power. In the summer an easy way to dehydrate your fruits meats is to slice them thinly, lay them on cookie sheets and then put them in our car with all of the windows rolled up. Park your car where is gets as much sun as possible. For your frozen fruits, if the power is out and you are in danger of losing them, cook them into jams or sauces. The high sugar content will help to preserve them without refrigeration.
  4. Processed foods are next on the list – They will be safe to eat for a while due to the number of preservatives they are prepared with.
  5. Canned foods should be saved for last – These have extensive shelf lives. If you have any dehydrated emergency food supplies, they should also be last on your list.

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