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Are you prepared for a natural disaster?

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Are you prepared for a natural disaster?

Not if but when it will happen

Looking at all the natural disasters which have occurred recently, lots of people have began to understand that they are certainly not prepared for such disasters. While nobody wants to consider it may happen to them, most of us have seen the footage of Hurricane Katrina and surves as a in-your-face reminder that these types of devasting events happen and they happen everywhere. No one is exempt. The fires that run rampid in California help remind us of the kinds of disasters that can and do occur.

Be prepared. When you hear a warning alert broadcast on television, internet, your phone, tablet, etc.. take heed. Don’t just ignore it or turn the channel. It’s unbelievable the amount of people who ignore these warning alerts. If you’re requested to evacuate the region go as fast and safely as possible. Rescue efforts might not be readily available for individuals that stay after evacuation. It’s a very good idea to have a battery-powered radio that you could carry along with you to hear any updates, important alerts, etc.

You also should have an emergency pack available at all times in case you are somewhere and a natural disaster happens. Bottled drinking water and canned foods could be stored long term. You’ll want at least enough for 2 weeks worth of food and water for each family member. Of course that is the bare minimum if the situation is a huge disaster, and in that case you need months worth per person.

In case you have to be on your own for a couple of days until rescue teams get to you, these items will help you survive. The meals inside your refrigerator can spoil when the power goes out, which is common following a natural disaster. Make certain you have medicines available for individuals that may need them regularly.

For those who have young children in your home make sure that you have supplies available on their behalf. Stocking up on personal products for example diapers, toilet tissue, and toothpaste can help you to remain healthy throughout a natural disaster. Because you might be without power for a few days you will need to have flashlights, batteries, matches, and candles easily available.

An emergency first aid kit with essential products can be helpful because who knows if somebody is going to be hurt because of the natural disaster. Do your very best to wash the injuries and stop infection until proper health care could be received for that individual. Also, make sure you have food, and care for your pets.  If you are like me, your pets are part of your family, so don’t forget to prepare for them as well.

A natural disaster can be quite frightening for everybody, but specifically for children. Make certain that everybody has the capacity to get lots of relaxation and that children can freely share their feelings. A lot of parents believe it is best to not let the childrend know what’s going on however that can make them more afraid because they certainly have some understanding of what is happening around them.

Hopefully you don’t have to go through the trauma of a natural disaster but it’s smart to be ready. Have food, and the essentials ready, and be prepared, because it could mean difference between health and injury, life and death. I also recommend to rehearse emergency methods for disasters with the family too. Always be prepared.


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