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Becoming a gray man during a crisis

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Becoming a gray man during a crisisThose who stand out in a crowd will always be targeted during a crisis, especially if laws do not apply anymore. There are many survivalists out there prepared for a wide variety of disaster scenarios, and some of them plan to become a gray man when it hits the fan.

The gray man theory is built around the idea that one must blend into a crowd, to remain unnoticed and physically unidentifiable in order to protect oneself and one’s possessions. The gray man calculates every aspect of his life to survive in a densely populated area where mass chaos is a constant threat.

If a major disaster were to occur, I bet that in no time, the morality of the social elements will become so corrupt that it will turn daily life into a savage race for survival. It’s not like people are not morally corrupt as it is. Can you imagine what would happen during a SHTF event?

Blending – the main strategy of the Gray Man

If your neighbors would start killing each other for the chance to survive, your goal would be to get out of dodge without becoming a target for the others. To get to your safe haven, you would need to pay attention to a few critical details. If you wear tactical clothing and gear you will be seen as a walking treasure chest. You will be targeted for all the desired survival tools you carry. Dressing in a manner that makes you look weak is also a bad idea, because you will be seen as pray by those who become desperate. You need clothing that is durable, that provides you with concealing options and doesn’t provide clues about your prepping inclination. You should go for muted colors of clothing and you should avoid symbols or logos. As part of the crowd, you should be average looking, undesirable and unmemorable.

Hiding your traces

If your emergency preparedness scenario includes a bug out plan, only you and your family members should know about it. No other person beyond your loved ones should know where you are going. Your shelter shouldn’t reflect the supplies you have inside and should be protected without attracting unwanted attention. You need to keep a low profile until you have the chance to act and escape to safety. Traveling is also an important step you need consider, regardless the reason behind the journey (bug out, scavenge, etc.) and you need to learn how you can stay safe in a crowd.

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In these uncertain times, concealable weapons have become a necessity. If you plan to become a Gray Man, you should be able to defend yourself and your family without showcasing that you are armed and ready. If a major disaster occurs and mass chaos is triggered, you don’t want to be sought after your weapons. You should also stay away from situation that will challenge you to use your weapons. There are certain survivalists that advocate for carrying weapons of great stopping power, but it could be tricky to be concealed on your body or in your backpack. Even so, there are always options and you can find shotguns capable of shooting multiple calibers which are also foldable for easy concealment.  Look at it this way, if you are able to pack a weapon of great power and versatility in your backpack, nobody would expect such firepower if you are challenged to use said weapon.

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Bugging out as a Gray Man

If you drive and expensive, flashy car in order to stand out, or a jeep over-packed with all sorts of supplies, you will not get to far. Thieves will look for ways to steal your vehicle or even stopping it by force just to get to your supplies. If you plan on getting out of the city, your vehicle should be chosen carefully in order to avoid becoming a target. The gray man will always drive an older, but reliable automobile, that doesn’t draw attention. They do not have stickers or any other signs that showcase their political or sports preferences. The gray man will drive a vehicle that is kept in top shape, even though it looks like it was beaten with the ugly stick. You will need to reconsider your bug out vehicle if you drive something that has all sorts of bells and whistles because you will always draw attention.


The commitment of a Gray Man

Living as a gray man is certainly not for everyone as you need to be a calculated person that pays attention to every detail that surrounds you. You need to be dedicated to the philosophy if you want to stay alive during mass chaos. A Gray Man needs to become a ghost and it takes great will power to fully go gray.

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