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Is the apocalypse coming?

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shtf prepping for natural disaster

Is the apocalypse coming?

The signs are everywhere

Throughout the past year, 100s of 1000’s have died as a result of nature pitching her fits. Tsunamis, severe weather, earthquakes, and torrential rainfall have showed us that even with all of our brilliant accomplishments, we’re not masters of the world.

Individuals who follow the prophecies of history claim that the cataclysm of world destruction is beginning, the rapture is nigh, in other words.. the end is near.

Certainly, the current disasters happen to be extreme, even more so than anything in recent decades, but will they signify the apocalypse?

The human race is now a staggering size, more than a 1,000 percent bigger than the amount in the not-too-distant history. Communication is instant: an earthquake happens, and immediately it’s all over twitter, instagram, and youtube.

Think about the news in historic context, a much vaster landscape than human memory. And think about that until a century ago, news of anything happening travelled extremely slow, if at all.

The earthquake in Kashmir took possibly 40,000 valuable lives from a planetary population of 6.4 billion souls. An earthquake in Shaanxi, China in 1556 took over 800,000 lives from a modern day population of just a couple of million, many of them totally not aware from of the disaster.

The disasters of AIDS and also the pending threat of ‘flu epidemics may kill a couple of million people. In 1347-1350, the Black Death destroyed about one third of Europe’s population also it took about 400 years to re-grow to it’s former amount. There have been no news flashes or video coverage, only the word of the people about the horrors they’d seen.

Think about the Ice Age range that crept over the earth’s surface, eliminating hundreds of species every time and forever leaving it’s effects around the continents. Picture a massive meteor crashes into our world, departing a killing residue of dust that blocled out the sun’s rays for many many years, destroying the dinosaurs which dominated the world for 100,000 many years of endless summer time.

Our planet earth is a real living, breathing and extremely unstable vessel. It explodes, erupts, and trembles by it’s own timetable, whether we interact or not.

The forces of nature do what they’ve always done. You will definitely find a lot more people coming to face with catastrophes across the world, with many more to come.

Many many people won’t be prepared for the next big disaster. Will you be ready?

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