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Why Everyone Should Use Coupons To Get Prepared Quicker

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Why Everyone Should Use Coupons To Get Prepared QuickerCouponing has always received a lot of negative attention. For far too long people have felt embarrassed to use coupons, in order not to have their friends ridicule them or have sales clerks look down on them.

But as you’ll see in the infographic below, coupon users had the right idea all along. Why shouldn’t coupons help you prepare for SHTF? Coupons have helped a small fraction of the population to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars every year, while others missed their opportunities.

This infographic shows not only the identity of coupon users, but also their backgrounds and how much they save and make on an annual basis, and highlights the fact that a large proportion of people using coupons come from middle to high-income families, not low-income households.

While most people accept that using coupons can help them make considerable savings each year, the stigma has always prevented people from making the wise choice. Survival has no room for stigma, so one must move quickly.

Research has revealed that individuals with a household income above $100,000 remain more than twice as likely to use coupons than those with household incomes below $35,000. This goes to show how those with more money can use coupons to amplify their purchase of SHTF gear and food items.

But this might also have something to do with educational background. 70% of coupon users have graduated from college, while 20% of users never made it out of high school. This buttresses the point that those taking advantage of coupons know what to do with these much-neglected opportunities. It doesn’t even take much work these days, mobile couponing apps can save you hours of coupon clipping time, and using a cash back rewards card is like having a 1-5% off coupon for everything you buy – provided you pay your bill on time of course.

Further research revealed that 26% of users have household incomes above $200,000 and they make use of mobile coupons for food shopping. If anyone needed proof or courage to support the claim that coupon users could come from any income level, look no further.

Another reason high-income families are more likely to use coupons is that they’re also usually more diligent with managing their budgets, something many people neglect. The argument in support of couponing far outweigh any arguments against it.

As of 2013, the average person in the U.S. had access to $1,617 worth of coupons. This meant that $516 billion worth of coupons came into circulation. Unfortunately, only $4 billion of those got used, meaning $512 billion got wasted in one year.

Of the people using coupons, 42% save $30 each week, while 21% save $50 per week. This amounts to annual savings of $1,560 and $2,600 respectively. For people looking for a raise each year, using coupons can supplement that. The $2,600 saved amounts to a 6.25% pay rise, based on the national average. The annual average pay rise of 3% or $1,248 pales in comparison.

Despite all the potential savings from using coupons, only 1% of shoppers take advantage of them. If you really want to get ahead in your preparedness, make the most of your coupons.

The Surprising Identity Of The Average Couponer


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